How to clear/hide a row value

Hello, I'm currently trying to build a queue reviewal app. Essentially, the SQL query I've written populates user accounts that are within certain criteria we have set. Once the account is reviewed I'd like to have the row cleared/hidden from the queue/query through a button. I'm four pages deep on a google search and can't find anything.

Apologies, I'm a beginner at JS but I'm getting better through learning.

Are you trying to clear the row in a table in the UI? if so, you would need to rerun the query that populates that table and have some operation remove that row from the UI...
Some screenshots will help...

Hey @madeintampa, welcome to the community :hugs:

Exactly what @ScottR said. An overview of what you need:

  • In a queue, a user needs to be able to write back to db when a user has been reviewed
    • A user presses a button
    • which triggers a query
    • which updates the DB record of that user
  • In your query that populates the table you'll need to exclude users that have been reviewed

Hope that helps, ping us back with some screnshots if it didn't work out