How to check or manage the module version being used in the parent application?

Hi all,

I have a couple of module and parent application questions and would appreciate a lot if someone could help to clarify them.

  1. Under situations where a couple of changes are made to a module after a release is published and when I edit the parent application, do I access the released version or the working (latest but unpublished version) of the module?
    I looked into the view state of the module in the parent application but didn't see the version information.
  2. Could we specify and utilize a specific version of a module for individual parent applications to prevent all parent applications from automatically adopting the latest released version?
  3. Is it possible to set up the components within a module differently for each parent application? For example, if I have a table module, I may want some columns to be visible for one parent application and be hidden for another.

:innocent: :innocent: :innocent: Thank you!!!