How to check or manage the module version being used in the parent application?

Hi all,

I have a couple of module and parent application questions and would appreciate a lot if someone could help to clarify them.

  1. Under situations where a couple of changes are made to a module after a release is published and when I edit the parent application, do I access the released version or the working (latest but unpublished version) of the module?
    I looked into the view state of the module in the parent application but didn't see the version information.
  2. Could we specify and utilize a specific version of a module for individual parent applications to prevent all parent applications from automatically adopting the latest released version?
  3. Is it possible to set up the components within a module differently for each parent application? For example, if I have a table module, I may want some columns to be visible for one parent application and be hidden for another.

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Hi Doris! These are some pretty great feature requests.

Currently, if the module versioning feature is enabled and the module has published releases, we show the published version. If the module versioning feature is not enabled, apps will always fetch the latest page save for modules - ignoring any releases (we disable the releases modal when the flag is off, to reduce confusion).

To help with your use cases, we have some internal, ongoing feature requests to 1. allow apps to show different module versions and 2. allow users to specify versions of modules when testing in a parent app.

Please continue to share any additional asks or context and I'll be sure to keep this thread updated with any updates around module versioning!

Hello !

What about these feature requests ?

We currently have plenty of modules (about 30), sometimes quite big, and we use versioning for all of them (to ensure production users to have a stable experience).

The problem is, when we are developing, in a parent application (that contains many modules), the version used for these modules seems to be the currently published one, and not the latest one. And it turns out that it cannot be switched manually on a module instance (in a parent application). So, when we had modifications to a module, we must publish it (to the world) to test it from a parent application.

Would you have tips to solve this ?

Thanks !

Hello @Thomas_Delobel!

Here are our docs on reverting modules to a previous state.

So to clarify, when you open a parent app to edit before publishing, the module version is the currently published iteration, but you want the module to be moved forward to the most up to date version of the module based on new edits made to the module in its own editor, correct?

The current flow seems to make sense, you edit the module, you publish the module and then the module is updated in all the parent applications it is being used in.

How would you prefer for the development process to be for updating modules? Is it that some modules you do not want to update but they are being updated when the module updates are published?

You should be able to revert them back as described in the top link. I can look into options to "freeze" the version of a module to keep it from updating.