How to assign value to a table across JS Queries

  • Goal:

I want to edit the values of an 'ISRCs' table. I have in place a 'processInput' function to grab the value of an input field and set a row in the table:

// Get the current table data
processInput.updateSetValueDynamically = true;
ISRCs.updateSetValueDynamically = true;
let tableData = || [];

var idCounter;
const inputValues = isrcInput.value; // Get the value from the input field

if (inputValues !== '') {
  if ( == 0) {
    idCounter = Counter.value;
  } else {
    idCounter = + 1;

  // Create a set of existing values for quick lookup
  const existingValues = new Set( => item.value));

  // Split the input values by comma and trim spaces
  const inputList = inputValues.split(',').map(value => value.trim()).filter(value => value !== '');

  // Track duplicate values / new records
  let duplicates = [];
  let newRecords = 0;

  // Create a set to track values within the input list
  const inputSet = new Set();
  // Filter out duplicates and map to objects
  const valueList = inputList.filter(value => {
    if (existingValues.has(value) || inputSet.has(value)) {
      duplicates.push(value); // Track the duplicate value
      return false; // Exclude the duplicate value
    inputSet.add(value); // Add to the set of seen values
    return true;
  }).map(value => ({ id: idCounter++, value: value }));

  // Add the new unique rows
  valueList.forEach(item => {

  // If duplicates were found, show a notification
  if (duplicates.length > 0) {
      title: 'Duplicate Value(s) Found',
      description: `The following value(s) are duplicates and were not added: ${duplicates.join(', ')}`,
      notificationType: 'warning', 
  // Show notification for the number of records ingested
    title: 'Records Ingested',
    description: `${newRecords} record(s) were successfully ingested.`,
    notificationType: 'success',
} else {
  console.error('Input value is empty');
    title: 'Input value is empty',
    notificationType: 'error', 

// Update the table data = tableData;

//return currentData.getCurrentISRCsValue;

I also have a 'removeValue' function to splice the selected row from the table:

let tableData =;
let indices = ISRCs.selectedDataIndexes; // Assume this is an array of selected indices

if (Array.isArray(indices) && indices.length > 0) {
  // Sort indices in descending order to avoid index shifting issues
  indices.sort((a, b) => b - a);

  // Remove each value at the specified indices
  indices.forEach((index) => {
    if (index >= 0 && index < tableData.length) {
      console.log("Removing index:", index);
      //tableData.splice(index, 1);,1);
    } else {
      console.error("Index out of bounds:", index);
  console.log("Array after removal:", tableData);
} else {
  console.error("No valid indices provided");


processInput.updateSetValueDynamically = true; = tableData;
//ISRCs.refresh(); = tableData;

The 'data source' of the table is 'processInput', that's the reason I modify processInput in 'removeValue'

  • Steps:

As you see, I have commented out //processInput.reset();

-> The reset() does work and updates the table data clearing all rows AND the output of the function i.e the return statement INDEED shows as having the value removed meaning the data is able to be changed like Im doing it inside 'removeValue'

-> Why is the global table 'ISRCs' value not being updated to be the return value of removeValue which is processInput and is supposed to be the source data to be displayed by the component?

  • Details:

  • Screenshots:

See in the screenshot that after running the function the return indeed deleted the selected row but the table keeps showing all values.

Hi @Nicolas_Guasca, it may be related to how we atr trying to modify this property:

That property is read-only. For example, here is this 'query3':

Running this second query to update that property has no impact on the value:

To update it, we must go the advanced settings of the query:

Here is more context on this property and setValue: