How set table index when buton click?

I got a use case:

  1. a table
  2. when user click table it opens app #2
  3. user click close in app #2 and should go back to app #1

its possible to set index of the table to the one that was opened on app #2? i already saved the clientID in localstorage

so when i click the second row opens app #2

when i click on red button CLOSE, it should then go back to the table with row = 2 selected

@Kabirdas @victoria

Hey @agaitan026 - first I would suggest to make the table action a "Double Click Row" action so that you don't get an endless loop (select table1 row, open app 2, go back to app1 and automatically select table 1 row, open app 2...).
With that said, there's a Default row and Default index setting on the table that should help here:

When the table loads, it should look for your localstorage value and load that item.

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