How save qty in a variable after i change status?

Hi i got the following app

this table have actual quantities for each product and thats the one that should be updated with the new quantities sum up the original + new

when i change status to 'Recibida' how i can save the quantity (table may have 1 or more records or lines for sure) in the table above? to save it in a variable and use it in another insert query. But it should happen only when status = Recibida, if status changes to other it should run another query too.

At the end, the main idea is: to save qty for each product and modify the original qty in product table so if had 10 before and after another 10, it should sum +10 = 20 for that product

thank you

You can edit the quantity in the tables using Bulk Update - assuming here that you need to write back to the database first to update the quantity?

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i first tried this to sum but i think im missing something on QTY_NEW for the first product

Note: nevermind my mistake i had to order and group by, now its summing ok

Im trying this

{{ [{ Productid: {{}} }] }}

but im wrong right? :frowning:

tried this

Productid: formatDataAsArray({{ }})


error: * message:"Data must be an array."

{{ formatDataAsArray(}}

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id: {{ formatDataAsArray(}},
quantity: {{ formatDataAsArray(}}

like this?

i tried also this

You are already including the product_id as the primary key so if you are editing the table use {{yourTableName.recordUpdates}} Check out the documentation

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not sure how to use this correctly, im confused

yes but what im doing wrong? :frowning: whats the best approach

should i use update and existing record only? or update and existing record with primary key

i cant use recordupdates, as im not updating table itself, just showing data from query

thats why i used this

but shows empty array

at the end i had used a transformer instead

const categorizedData = formatDataAsArray({{ }}).map((row) => ({id:, product_id: row.product_id, qty_available: row.QTY_NEW}));

return categorizedData;

and works good