How save multiple queries and run it depending on filter in a table?

Hi i got a table with 5 filters custom. I have my data with api rest. Any chance i can have 5 diff queries but only show in table the data depending on which filter i use? Lets say user filter per ClientId then that query should run and then table should have that data.

If user uses daterangefilter it should run that query and show data en table.

All queries got the same columns. I think with jS is possible? any tip? @ScottR @Tess @Kabirdas

Thank you

Once you run the specific query based on the filter you can then do the following in JS script/query:

but how i do that in js query? i know i have to create 5 diff queries. Then i only need to set js yourTableName.setData( for earch filter on each component / input? i dont need any temp state or so on?

the thing here is user may use one or more filter to 'filter the current data of table

Hi @agaitan026 do you have the app already built out? How are they filtering?

Is it all the same data with different filters? or is it different data and different filters?

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i just move out from api rest and do all with sql directly :stuck_out_tongue: thank you

Oh nice! Glad to hear you were able to solve it already :blush:

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