How run event handlers in order?

Hi any option to run event handler on sucess in order?

lets say i want to first

  1. run query1
  2. run query2
  3. save to a temp state some vars of those query 1 and query 2

Use Run Script and then in the script area write
await query1.trigger();
await query2.trigger();
yourTempStateName.setValue( // This will depend on how your tempstate is constructed because you could use yourTempStateName.setIn();
Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 1.54.14 PM

You can also chain the event handlers together meaning run one and then when that is done, run the next query and so on

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awesome, thank you so much

how will be the chained one?

Using the Success Event Handler in query1 add a new event to Control query and select query 2 and so on

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