How i can run a query for each row?

Hello ,

I have a table , with a firebase call .
The ouptut is all my users informations .
From this table i would like to add two custom column.
One will be to search for each user all passbase information with their passebasId
The other will to search all transactions made by the user with firebase_id .
It's possible to run a query with such parameter at loading time ? ( when the page load ? )

If it's not possible ,
How i can do multiple query call ?

const dataPassbase = await new Promise(() => {
const dataFirebase = await new Promise(() => {


My final purpose is do a call with all firebase user , remove the one with no passbaseID
then do a call with all passbase user
joint this two array ( find a match in firebase result with passbaseID since both array will have a passbase id)

Thanks for the help

Hey @Sylvain!

Yes, from what you've described this should be possible. When you're using query.trigger() it actually returns a promise so you can write, for instance:

const dataPassbase = await getAllPassbaseUsers.trigger({});

And then the dataPassbase variable should contain whatever value gets stored it once the query completes.

You should also be able to run this JS query on page load (by selecting the corresponding option in the Advanced settings).

Finally, check out this post on running a query for each item in an array!

Hopefully those three things are able to get you started here but please post again if you run into any trouble :slightly_smiling_face: