How does link sharing work in the more recent Retool versions?

I've recently upgraded our self-hosted to the latest greatest version 3. We jumped from a late stage 2 version to this. There are a lot of wonderful changes.

One question, how do I share links to Users now? Pretty sure I understand all this: Preview and share web apps with users | Retool Docs but those methods do not bring over url parameters, only the base URL for the app. In earlier versions, I feel like I was just jumping out of edit mode and able to use and send links with fully qualified URLs. If I do that now I get the /editor/ part in the URL which sends un-suspecting users to the app in Edit mode.

Actually, while I have you, in earlier versions there was a menu behind the component tree that showed all components and queries and their current state. Is that around still?

Actually figured out the State thing. It's per selection in the Code window controlled by the dropdown and the bottom of the list.