How do I use Google Analytics resource for GA4?

I'm trying to pull Google analytics data into retool, specifically from a GA4 profile. I understand that to do that it requires the data v1 API. It's also my understanding that we need the enterprise version of retool for this. As we have access to retool spaces, I believe we have enterprise.

What I can't work out is how to do it. I created the google credentials and created a google analytics resource that works correctly, but the resource itself only shows analytics v3 and reporting v4. I can't find another resource for the data API, and after hours of looking I'm stumped as to what I'm supposed to do.


Hello @Sam_Matthews!

I just double checked your account and you are on the enterprise plan!

Here are our docs on setting up a Google Analytics Resource in Retool.

What step of this process are you having issues? What data can you get and what is the data you are looking to get? I had no idea someone could get different versions for analytics and reporting :sweat_smile:

Our docs also includes a link to Google's official docs on how to use GA. Hopefully those can provide more information on the API to query what you need once you set up the resource.