How do I reference data from a module?

I have a super simple module which as three inputs.
I've placed this module on a form.
How do I reference/get the data from the module?
This document magically has 'global1' but I could not see where or how 'global1' was being created.
I've attached a screenshot of the dialog that I'm working with.

Reference the value this way
Where playerData1 is the name of the custom module instance and playerFirstName is the name of the output variable.

Hey @peteletkemanca!

Happy to help here! If you are looking to reference data from within a module in the parent app, you can add outputs to this module. In your case, it could look like this within the module for example:

Now in the parent app, anytime you enter values into your form, the value will be accessible on the module:

You can now reference {{formModule.firstNameOutput}} etc. Do you think this could work for your use case here?\

Yes, problem solved