How do I measure the page loading time?

Is there a way to measure how much time it takes to load a page?

Problem: we noticed one of our apps is kind of slow and would like to improve it. Before doing that, we wanted a clear metric that shows how much time it takes to fully load a page. Is there an easy way to get that?

If that's not possible, let's take a step back: is there a way to know how much time it needs to load and render every single component of a page?

Hi @hquan :wave: thanks for reaching out with this!

While there isn't a native Retool feature that measures the initial page load time of an app, you could consider using your browser's developer tools to identify a loading estimate; the Network and Performance tabs in Chrome's DevTools may be particularly useful here.

Additionally, if you'd like to review the performance of a particular query, you can get some details by hovering over the runtime for the relevant query in the bottom panel's sidebar:

You may also find it helpful to check out the Building performant Retool apps section of the documentation.
I hope that you find this helpful – let us know if you have any other questions though!