How do I join results from 2 query

I have a table with which I want to join the results from another query.
In the query below project is the table and allTasks is the query which returns a table with columns :project_id & count.
The project table has a column id which I would want to match with project_id column from the allTasks.

select * from project JOIN {{}} as ALL on where project.creator_id={{}}

Can you please help me with this. Thanks!

Hi @prsahu! I don’t think most databases will support passing in the whole .data object to the server and properly parse it server side. We do have a “Query JSON w/ SQL” type query for this kind of thing though you’ll need to have all of the results that you want to join loaded into their properties locally.

If is a query from the same database, you could do this all within a single SQL query without referencing a {{ }} tag for one of the tables to query.

Can you give some more direction here? I’m trying to do what would normally be an inner join but trying to figure out how to do that in a single sql query. I have 2 tables - an array of billable employees by name and a table of timesheets that I would like to only return those on the billable list (I know - I don’t have ID’s yet, still prototyping).

I’ve tried a transformer using the .zipWith:

var sqlDataSorted = {{formatDataAsArray(}}.sort((e1, e2) => -
var apiDataSorted = {{}}.sort((e1, e2) => -

_.zipWith(sqlDataSorted, apiDataSorted, (sql, api) => Object.assign({}, api, sql))

And I’ve tried a sql query:

select *
from {{}} as billable
join {{}} as timesheets
on billable.Full_Name = timesheets.Employee


@Bill_Waring the Query JSON With SQL syntax can be a bit hairy. One issue is capital letters - you’ll need to string quote those column names. Are you getting any errors you can share?

I think I figured it out. Yes, it was syntax.


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