How do I hide authLogin button?

I was wondering if it is possible to hide authLogin button without executing the API like "/users/me".
I want to hide authLogin button when authentication succeeds, but There is no state of variables about authentication.

What should I do?

I think I remember that I would set a temp variable to a value once authentication occurred and if that value was true, I would hide the button using the Hidden field. {{state1.value === true}}

Thanks for the answer!
I know that I would hide the button using the Hidden field like {{state1.value === true}}.
But, I cannot get authentication state from the Resource.
Can I get authentication state??

I think that would be something your authentication returns...not sure

Hi there! There isn't an auth state unfortunately :disappointed:

Can you reference one of the query responses (for example, monitor for errors that indicate the user isn't authenticated)?

We do have a feature request for auth state -- I'll post back here if we're able to ship that feature!

I'm so sorry for the late reply!
I understand.

I know it is difficult, but there is a need for using authentication state from Resource in apps.
I hope you will consider it positively.

Thanks for your support!

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