How do I create a read only JSON generator?

Hi all, I'm trying to create a JSON generator where you plug in numbers, and it creates a correctly formatted configuration.

I've created an input form which asks for a few variables, and then a submit button.

However, I don't want a database, I just want to enforce the form, and once the required fields are completed, the button click would create this JSON and clear the fields.

Input form:

  1. Security Key: _______
  2. Merchant ID: ___________
  3. Business Name: _________


    "security_key": "{{ }}",
    "acquirerMerchantID": "{{ }}",
    "merchantCountryCode": "500",
    "merchantCurrencyCode": "500",
    "merchantName": "{{ }}",

How do I do this on button select? As mentioned, I don't want to store this info into a database, the goal is simply to generate a read only JSON configuration so that users can quickly input this info and copy it.

Hi, you may should use json scheme form which is come with valiation
You can use to get json