How do I build apps with RTL support?

I've tried writing in an RTL language (Hebrew, Arabic etc...) and there is no support for it that I found. Is there a way to enable right to left support?

("retool" should be send to the left)

Hi @agam

Sorry for such a late reply here. Sadly RTL text support is not currently on the roadmap for Retool.


I know the post is from a year ago.
Is there a way to use the Arabic/Hebrew language today?


Hey @vsammy!

Unfortunately, I don't have any updates for you here.

Are there particular parts of your apps that you're looking to have support Arabic/Hebrew language? Or are you looking specifically for complete support?

At the moment the only solution I know of is to use custom CSS and individually target components by setting direction: rtl in their styling. Aside from this being considerable work if you have many different types of components, CSS classes aren't guaranteed between versions so it would require additional upkeep on your part.

Hi, I ran into the same issue and was able to solve it with this simple CSS workaround.

input, textarea {
    text-align: start;
    unicode-bidi: plaintext;

Note that it automatically detects when the language is RTL only when the text starts with that language. For example, if it's a mix of English and Arabic and the English text comes first, it will display the text LTR but if it was vice versa, it will display the text RTL.

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