How do I Auto-highlighting entities that I want to tag?

I want to facilitate the annotation work. I already have a list of entities that I would like people to annotate/ tag. I would like to auto-highlight these entities so that it's easier to find in the document.
How can I do this?



Hey @lowly2005! We do have an text annotation component that supports highlighting. However you have to supply the start and end positions of the text you want to highlight. See the array of tag objects that I'm providing for this on the right hand side. Is this closer to what you are looking for?

{{ [{"id":0,"label":"name","start":39,"end":43},{"id":1,"label":"city","start":10,"end":13}] }}

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Thanks @alex I do use the text annotation component. I would like to highlight the entities (I have the start/end) without assigning the labels. The operators will then go through the document and assign the corresponding labels. is this something possible ?

{{ [{"id":0,"label":null,"start":39,"end":43},{"id":1,"label":null,"start":10,"end":13}] }}

Hey @lowly2005 -- yes if you supply the array of annotation objects without the label key, then they will show up highlighted (but unassigned a label). Then the user can go through and select the right labels for each annotation.

{{ [{"id":0,"start":39,"end":43},{"id":1,"start":10,"end":13}] }}

Supplying unlabeled annotations:

Selecting a label for an annotation:

A label annotation:

Thanks this is exactly what I'm looking for :pray:


is there a way to know if a unlabeled tag was selected ?

@lowly2005 doesn't seem like we support that quite yet :frowning: