How can update Json data from table

How can I update JSON data in table ?

Hi @Sid_1972! We have a section in our docs that walks through editing/updating table data:

Let me know if any questions come up!

Hi Tess,
I am calling rest service having json inputs like below:
"3yrs_experience_TF": "Yes",
"Business_Years": null,
"Business_years_Longevity": null,
"Claims_5Year": [
"Category": "Test1",
"Number of Claims in 5 Year period": "1 to 2"
"Category": "Test2",
"Number of Claims in 5 Year period": 0

basically I am populating Claims_5Year (array) in table and want to update that table before calling my Rest Api.
Anyone have idea how can i update that array?

Hi @Sid_1972!

Like the below table? What do you mean by update before calling your REST API? You could potentially manage the array in temp state and then pass the temp state array to your rest API? That said, if the user reloads the app before saving the changes to the API, the changes will be lost. Let me know if it sounds like I'm misunderstanding your question