How can I pass a selected field from one APP into a query parameter on a different APP

I have two apps I would like to connect. One is going to be a list view of multiple claims (see App 1 below). When the user clicks the claim ID button, I would like for retool to open that same claim in App 2. I set the button On click to 'Open another Retool Page' and set it to the App 2. I'm not sure though how to pass this value into the query parameters for App 2. Can someone please help me? I'm new to Retool


App 2

On Click Event

NM, I figured it out myself. I added a "View" button under table Actions instead of making the Claim ID the button. This type of button changes the focus to the record it resides on. Changing an existing field to a button does not do this. It may keep the focus on a different row.

I set the action to "Open another Retool page", I set the page and then added the following under "URL Hash Parameters to add"

Then in the "WarrantyClaim View" page I had it open, I changed the Where in the SQL to reference the key I set as the URL Hash and it works.