How can I integrate Retool with rxdb

I imported rxdb lib to retool. But I don't know how to use it in retool query resource.
Please share me away how to use it on retool.

Can you share some screenshots? Where did you add the lib?
As for a query resource, that can be configured by adding a new resource (assuming here that you're hitting an external DB using an API? What kind of DB is it that you want to use?

Here is lib I added
Screenshot 2023-11-27 150413
This DB can't configured by adding a new resource. This is local DB
Can you share for me a tips to use it with Retool

I believe alasql is already built in to Retool. As for DB configuration you still need to configure it under resources so I don’t know if the lib for that is needed either. Have you read the documentation for adding a resource?

Alasql is already used. But I want to use RXDB I add below. RXDB is just a normal lib. I just want use the lib the same with lodash and alasql. But I dont know how to call it.

I just research, I use lib not have module.export so won't work inside of Retool.
How do I use external libraries? - #6 by joeBumbaca

Hey @Phu_Doan, for libraries with require statements, you can generally use them in custom components. I added this one and you can see the object stored on the window.

Added script, and console.log(window) to see how it is stored:

See lib object on window.

You should be able to access it in your custom component as window.RxDB and then invoke any methods that it contains.

Thanks, @joeBumbaca for sharing.
It's helping me a lot.

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