How can I get the value of the suffix I defined?

Hello guys, i'm currently creating a form to add new employees in my database. I'm facing a problem, one of the input is an email that I fill my the value of firstName and lastName to which I defined a suffix which is "" but when I submit my form, I only get the "firstname.lastname" and not the value of my suffix behind it. How can I catch my suffix value?


Thank you for your time!

I would say just hard code the Email field value to be {{FirstNameInput.value.toLowerCase() }}+ '.' + {{LastNameInput.value.toLowerCase() }} + 'yourcompanydomainhere'
And make the email field a simple text input and set it to read only so it cannot be changed.

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I know it's working this way but I saw the suffix option but if it's not possible to catch it's value its seems not to be a usefull option for now! It was also to improve the user experience on this. Thank your for your answer.

Hey @AntoineOA, welcome to the community :hugs:

You can definitely get your suffix with

{{ EmailInput.textAfter }}

I would always have a look at your component in the Left Panel which let's you know what variables you have access to. Couple that with a session reading through the Components doc and you're golden :))

Hope that helped.

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Hey @minijohn it's the good solution. So it's a usefull solution at least :wink: .
Thank you for sharing

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