How can I delete the contents of multiple text fields with one button?

How can I delete the contents of multiple text fields with one clear all button?

Hey @paul84 and welcome to the community! There are a few of ways you can do this: the easiest would be using event handlers. If you have two text inputs, you could clear both of them at the click of a button by adding two event handlers to the button:

If you want to only deal with one event handler, you can create a JS query that clears the value of both text inputs, and then trigger that query via a click event handler on the button:

Finally, you could also move the contents of that JS query to an event handler script instead:

Let me know if this helps!

@justin Thanks a lot, but unfortunately none of the solutions work for me.

  1. For Version 1 I don't see the option "Clear Value"
  2. For Version with query I get the error message "clear_all: input_textfield.clearValue is not a function"
  3. the other variants do not give an error message, but also do not remove any text
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@justin It seems that with rich text editor this is not working

Hey @paul84, Would it work for your use case to use richTextEditor1.setValue('') to set the value as an empty string?

This effectively clears the value of the component.

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@everett_smith Great, thanks!