How can I connect my Retool app to a Facebook App to allow posting to FB/Insta via Retool?

  • Goal: I am trying to connect my Retool application to a Facebook application. The goal of the application on Retool is to allow users to create and post social media posts to their Facebook/Instagram account. Ideally, a "Connect your Facebook" button would be the best option. Whereby the users can click "Connect to Facebook" and then I can store the access token against the users, however I cannot seem to work out how to access the access tokens from the Facebook API as when making the API request there is no window dialog that opens.

  • Steps: I have done lots of research and made API requests as discussed in the Facebook docs (Build your own flow) but the fact that Retool runs in an iFrame(I think) is causing issues with this.

  • Details:

  • Screenshots: Response from Facebook API request: