How can I conditionally set the color of action buttons on a table?

I would like to be able to use different colors for each button in an table.

Both buttons have the same CSS classes, so the only option would be to do it based on their position. I'd rather avoid this.

Hey @nacho - unfortunately same answer here, we don't support this natively yet (action buttons could use some love). You might be able to use Javascript based on the action button's text? There are a bunch of properties available via your table but not sure any of them will help here :frowning:

Agreed. I’ve decided to skip action buttons and simply use regular buttons on a dedicated panel.

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Cool, hopefully that works for now. Let me again take the opportunity to apologize for missing a lot of these fit and finish features, and say that we appreciate you here on the community :innocent:

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Hey @retool
Just checking if this is available in December,2022. Though I don't see anything for this.

Will be good that action button could be customizable