How can I assign an event to a custom column?

My modal opens through a custom column I created. When I look for the name of the component through the components tab, the modal does not appear. Because of this I can't assign a closing event.


Once the modal is open, you can just close it manually, no?
Not clear on what your process needs to be?
Is there another action that would occur and when that is complete, the modal should close?
If so, I don't think you can do that because the modal you launch from the custom column is not really a component object (i.e. - you did not add a "component" to the main section so the application won't be aware of the custom column that you are launching as a modal... at least from what I can tell

Yea! Once the modal is open I can close it manually.

After opening my modal there is a button that calls an api. I need to assign a
modal close event after the user clicks this button.
Although my modal is not a component, it has a manual close event.
Would it be possible to reuse or force this event??

Unfortunately I don't see a way that you could force the modal to close once the button is clicked because the modal is really the column and not a modal component - again, this is based on what I know and I tried it locally and could not figure out how to do what you are trying to do - you might want to rethink you're architecture....