Hotel Reservation Management Made Easy with Retool

Hey everyone,

I just built a hotel reservation system using Retool Forms. It's a straightforward way for customers to book stays and for staff to manage bookings. I’ve integrated it with the Retool Database, making data handling a breeze.

@Tess can you consider this for the Week 2 (“slam dunk”) Challenge .


Yes, definitely! Awesome use case :sunglasses: Thanks so much for sharing :pray: :basketball:


Would be nice to actually see it in operation......

this is great. im in the space at the moment of automating an entire hotel as much as possible.

would love to know how far you got with integrating with expedia/ integrations seem to be the big challenge!

I know there are unified API's that can handle that for an additional fee. but at what point does one surrender and get an all in one solution :sweat_smile: