Horizontal layout for the new Checkbox Group

The previous checkbox group would layout the checkboxes horizontally if you made the component wider. The new one does not. Screenshot:

Hey Brad, thanks for the feedback. We definitely want to get the old horizontal layout functionality into the new component; we're doing final testing on it right now, so it should land in the next week (or sooner!).

This is live now! Checkbox, Radio, and Switch Group now have a new "Group layout" option that support multi-column (aligned to the grid), single column, and a wrap option (similar to the deprecated group components).

Group layout options

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Hi Retool Team,

Thanks for the feature on "Multiple columns" (or "Auto column" as I'm seeing it in my UI) - it makes it really neat to display large lists. However, in my app I am seeing some of the checkbox option values being trimmed in this option. Is there a way to see the whole checkbox option (in the "Auto column" view)? If not, then is it part of the roadmap to fix this?

PS: This affects me in the way that I have a large list to display, and if I can't display each element un-trimmed in the auto-column view, I would have to opt for the single-column view which is also not ideal (because of the size of the list).


I'm currently running into the same problem with 13 elements in my checkbox group. Looks like auto-column doesn't work for many entries?

Hi @EmDee! Thanks for surfacing this. Does the 'Allow wrapping' setting help?

Will have to check tomorrow, but that would be a Retool bug, no? Since the wrapping should only affect the label and not the layout of the checkboxes?

Confirmed, the "Allow wrapping" setting for the label does nothing to the layout. Only setting the group-layout to single or wrapping works, but doesn't look as nice.

Hi @EmDee Thanks for clarifying! I think I misunderstood. Yes, that does sound like a potential bug.

I did some testing, and on my app it looks like you currently have to stretch the checkbox group to at least 4 columns on the Retool canvas grid in order to implement auto columns unless you modify the min column width. I'd love to know if that is what you're seeing as well or if it's completely not working for you? A screenshot would be very helpful if you can share one!

Either way, I'll send this feedback to our team & post back here when we have an update or fix