Highlighting Components who's value changes, based on row selection change from a table

I have a form with multiple input components that auto populate. They populate from table data and a selected row. I have buttons that cycle through to the next or previous row. Every time a selected row changes, some of the input component values that are populated change and some don't change. I would like to highlight components who's values do change, every time I cycle to the next selected row. Just a way to draw attention to the users' eyes that the value for that component has changed. what would my options be to make this happen? The options for both highlighting the component and options for the behavior. Thanks!

Hi @JBushIconnect

Thanks for reaching out!

I don't believe we currently have any properties that track the previous value of the table's selected row or the previous value of input components, so it would take some custom logic to determine if a component value has changed.

You could store values in temporary state to track the new & old values. You could have an event that triggers whenever a row is selected in the table that stores the old selectedRow and the new selectedRow (see screenshot).

Then, for highlighting, would it work to use a border or background color? You could have some logic that compares the two values in your temp state to see if they are the same: