High CPU Usage During Retool Backup process

Hello, we have Retool Server 3.33.18 Self Hosted, and I have a question.
We use the pg_dump command daily to back up the database, but about two weeks ago, we started receiving alerts about high CPU usage of the instance during the database backup process, which did not happen before.
Do you have any recommendations on how we can control this CPU usage during the Retool database backup process?

Those of you who use Self-hosted Retool, how do you backup?

Hello @i.leitedasilva!

What is the database you are backing up to?

Retool backs up all the data on Retool DB but for self hosting your database you will likely have to find your own methods and work arounds for managing CPU usage :sweat_smile:

I was hoping to find some other users who could share best practices for this but was not able to find any, which was odd.

Some resources I found online recommended incremental backups, backup compression, throttling backup speed and adjusting buffer/caches as options for working on this issue.

Thank you very much for your feedback, I will look into a way to resolve this.

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