Hiding by default new columns in table

Some of our API "index" endpoints (that list items) are directly used inside table components.
We do sometimes add new fields to these items and Retool will by default display them inside the table. A simple table with 4 columns might become instantly a monster table with 10 columns.

What would you recommend ?

  • is there any option where we can specify that we want all columns to be by default hidden in tables ?
  • use a transformer on our queries to always be sure of what we are sending to the table ? -> that would obviously work but it is a bit cumbersome
  • any other idea ?

Thank you

Hey @Martin_Gross!

The new table that's being rolled out this week won't show new columns by default!

For what will become the legacy table I think your suggestion of using a transformer may be best. It doesn't necessary need to be attached to the query, you could have it exist in the table's "Data" field e.g. one of the following:

{{_.pick(query.data, ["id", "name", "email"])}}
{{_.pick(formatDataAsObject(query.data), ["id", "name", "email"])}}

(More documentation on _.pick here)