Hide items in listview

I would love to have the hide/collapse feature work on items inside listviews. Even if it doesn't shift the items below, this would still be useful.

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You’re totally right about this - hide/show should work inside ListViews. I just took a quick look into this and it doesn’t seem to be an easy fix, so I’m not sure when we’ll make this happen, but we definitely appreciate you bringing this to our attention

@jack I mentioned it to Abdul a while back, before we implemented a listview index css class. I get around it at the moment with a script that checks the .hidden attribute of certain fields in the listview and creates a list of css selectors to hide. Would really love a more efficient way to accomplish this though!
{{[name,additem].map((x,index)=> Object.keys(x).filter(d=>x[d].hidden == true).map((p,i)=>" ._retool-container-"+["name","additem"][index]+" .listview-item-container:nth-child("+(+p+(urlparams.href.indexOf('/editor/') !== -1?2:1)).toString()+")")).toString()}} { z-index: -100!important; visibility: hidden; } </style>

Wow! That’s impressive! Glad you found a workaround, we’ll let you know as soon as we have a proper fix for you

Hi @myself-from-the-past! I work at Retool now :grin:

We've made a good amount of improvements to the listview, including hiding AND collapsing items dynamically inside. There's a video of the fix for hiding items in listviews here:

Link to video here


hey, as I understand the function do not exist anymore? any other ideas to hide specific listView elements?:slight_smile:

Hi @Ana,

Thanks for checking in! Which function are you referring to? I believe this should work still! :crossed_fingers: I'm also linking another post that talks about conditionally hiding listview elements