Hi Please help me to create a Login Page without any API authentication

Help me create a Login Page without API authentication.. I have a table with username and password.. and I want to query through the table. and find where username and password match

what have you tried? a simple JS Query like the following would work:

var tableItem = table1.data.find((element) => (element.username === usernameInput.value && element.password === passwordInput.value));
array.find() returns 'undefined' if nothing is found, so we have to check it to know for sure if we have a match
if(tableItem){console.log("user and password match found");}
else{console.log("no match found");}

without seeing an example or knowing more there isn't much else anyone can do to help. the biggest question I have is why usernames and passwords are being stored in a table instead of a Retool Database or something, but that doesn't have to do with your question.

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:wave: Can you also share more about your use case?

Once users are on your app, they will already be authenticated to Retool by logging in with SSO or a username/password