Hi I want to replace certain columns in my table with a readable format

Hi I have a few columns in my tables that contain hexadecimal Id values it gets from mongo, I want it so that instead of displaying the hexadecimal string it displays the name of that person/category after using that same Id value to search in mongo and find the corresponding email associated with that Id.

To be more clear

I have a column called
Topic which we get from the mongo collection Ball
Now this column is populated by a hexadecimal Id, I want it to display instead of the Id the name of Topic by using the id to search in a different collection called Topics to reference the id with a name. How is this possible

Hi @Patsy_Count,

You can use the "Mapped Value" option in your column settings (assuming you're using the new table and not legacy) to write a find function.

Assuming the data from your Topics collection is in a query called getTopics, you can then write

{{ getTopics.data.find(x => x.id === item).name }}

This would need your getTopics query to be transformed as an array to work, which you can do with the formatDataAsArray (data) helper within the query settings.

Hope this helps!