Help understanding hidden field in mapped options

Hey there,

I am trying to find documentation, or anything that informs me about the hidden field in the mapped options for dropdown multi-select components. I am attempting to hide certain options based on a status within my database, “Active” or “Inactive”.

Ultimately my goal is to show options in the dropdown list where the installers are either "active" or they are in the currently selected row. If I filter for only active installers, when I select a job that has an inactive installer, it doesn't populate the field. I need it to populate for anything that is in the currently selected job, regardless of whether the included installers are active or not.

I have a table of installers, and each of them has an installer_ID, an installer_name, and an activity_status.

How can I approach this? I can’t find any information on how this field works in the mapped options area or the docs.

I have created the following javascript query in an attempt to created the mapped array it seems to ask for, but it doesn't seem to work:

const allInstallers =;
const activeInstallers =;
const selectedRowInstallers =;

// Map through allInstallers to check each installer ID
const mappedArray = => {
// Check if the installer ID is not in activeInstallers
const isActive = activeInstallers.includes(installerID);

// If the installer is active, or it's not active but is in the selectedRowInstallers, return false
if (isActive || (!isActive && selectedRowInstallers.includes(installerID))) {
    return false;

// Otherwise, the installer is not active and not in the selectedRow, so return true
return true;


return mappedArray;

Any help would be really great, thanks!


So I ended up taking another approach, and instead of hiding results, I decided to query only active designers, and inactive designers that are active on the job. This created the dropdown list I wanted. Woo!