Header sizes for Editable Text

Would be really nice if the editable text component could be used for different sized text (i.e. h1, h2, h3, etc.)

I've got a few pages where it would be really practical to make the page title editable, but if I use the editable text component, the page title basically has to be really small, which doesn't make sense visually.

Instead, I have to add an input component, which feels redundant.

Hey @raphaeltm! Size options would be a great addition to Editable Text. Just added this to our list! We ship improvements to our components every week, so keep the ideas coming. Cheers!

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Great news! This is now available on both Editable Text and Number. Just head down to the bottom of the "Styles" section to select "text size" (h1-h6 in addition to the default).

Thanks again for the feedback, @raphaeltm!

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