Headache from forced percent encoding of query parameter values

I'm trying to do a REST query with the following query parameters:

  • $select=id
  • $expand=is_running__release($select=id)
  • $format=json;metadata=none

It works fine on the command-line:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ..." \

Unfortunately for me, Retool insists on percent-encoding those $ and = characters in values of the query parameter, producing the following error from the server:

   "message": "Malformed url: '/resin/device?$expand=is_running__release(%24select%3Did)&$format=json%3Bmetadata%3Dnone&$select=id'"

I just spent a good part of my afternoon debugging this and finally came up with a workaround, which is to stick most of the query into an inline JavaScript string and shove it into the key part of a query parameter, so the endpoint looks like this:

 https://api.balena-cloud.com/v6/device?{{ "$expand=is_running__release($select=id)&$select=id&$format=json;metadata" }}=none

In other words, use

  • key = {{"$expand=is_running__release($select=id)&$select=id&$format=json;metadata"}}
  • value = none

Hope this helps others and I hope Retool reconsiders this behavior. Happy to hear if anyone has other/better workarounds.