Having issue with escaping characters and backslashes

I want to pass raw json like,
"test": "" some values\n some more values\n ""
I want to keep double quotes that's why I am passing double quotes using escape character, but, I am receiving it with the escape characters in the string.

and also when using the testArea to pass this, the quotes are getting doubled like,

How can I pass it like that so, that I receive it like this {"some values\n some more values\n"} and not like this {some values\n some more values\n}

Hi @Shubham_Lohar! :slight_smile: Would you mind sharing your current set up?

I have Golang server which is accepting this POST request
but, there are two issues first is when I am passing this string from textArea1 as seen in the image. the backslashes in the request which is received by the server are doubled and second is that I am getting the as backslash" in the starting and ending instead of double quotes like this "" string ""


Hey Shubham! Would it be alright if I stepped into your app so I can test a few things? If so, the name of your app would be great :pray: