gRPC service reflection auth

Hi! We are super excited to see gRPC service reflection launch! Unfortunately it seems the reflection call is not passing the configured authentication headers. Not sure if this is a bug or just an oversight.

We have the reflection service behind the same auth as the rest of our services (which is I think is pretty common). Would it be possible to run the configured auth workflow before the reflection call?

Thank you!


Hey @rob_mart!

At the moment this isn't supported but it is something on the team's radar. I can let you know here when it is!

awesome, thank you!

Hey @rob_mart! As of 3.10.0, gRPC reflection requests should include metadata, can you let me know if this still isn't the case for you on that version?

Hi, this still isn't sufficient as far as I can tell. We need the authentication workflow to run, which it seems it does not? We are on 3.10.1 if that helps.

Interestingly, if you manually compose the query it does seem to work. However for development purposes, there is no auto complete / list of methods to call available. So the auth headers might work on actual query, but in order for it to be useful they would also need to run throughout the IDE. (test connection for the resource also fails)