Grouping viewlists

Hello everybody!

First of all, I apologize for the extreme use of Retool.

But I need a structure with 3 groupings of viewlists, as can be seen in the video, it works very well with the collapsible container, but inside the viewlist the component breaks.

Is there any way we can make this possible? Or some other alternative?

Thank you very much

Hi @douglas.palermo! Thank you for sharing that video. To confirm, you're using a listview and then putting it inside of another listview? This isn't quite supported yet (nested listviews), but we're actually working on supporting this in the upcoming months :blush:

Yes @victoria, that's it!
Glad to know that. :grin:

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@douglas.palermo Exciting news! We are rolling out support for nested List Views! I believe we're slowly enrolling orgs, so you may not have access to it right away, but very soon :raised_hands: