Grouped Table rows won't expand if it would make a scrollbar

Very strange behaviour that only seems to have started today

When clicking on a table with grouped rows the row expands then immediately collapses
Gets weirder when the table component is small too, scrollbars appear and flicker like crazy
Seems to only happen if the row being expanded would force the table to have a scrollbar
Happens whether its expanded to fit the container or not

Steps to replicate:
Create a table, enable group by, try to expand a grouped row that has more rows than there is space to show
change the row size to x-small, if there's enough space to expand then it will do


The same for me


thanks for reporting this @dcartlidge @cvo. we've identified the issue and have a fix that will be deployed shortly (within an hour or two)


Looks like it's working again now, thanks

Thank you.


Now it seems that when a grouped table is expanded, if I resize any column then the table groups collapse.


We are encountering this same bug. Actually, it's a big problem.

Additionally, if the table is refreshed, then expanded groups are collapsed.

This is making for terrible UX for our users.


the table component is hardly usable since the expand collapse row feature has been updated