Google Sheets InternalError Unexpected end of JSON input

I can read data from my Google Sheets but when I try to update, I am getting the error "Unexpected end of JSON input".

My filters and update values return data but I can't see what I am missing.

Hey @yourbudweiser! If you remove the " " from around your {{ }} values in the Update value field, does this work?

Hi @joeBumbaca , unfortunately not:

 "Client_CompanyName":{{ select_clientCompanyName.value }},
 "Client_BillingContactEmail":{{ textInput_clientBillingContactEmail.value }},
 "Client_BillingContactName":{{ textInput_clientBillingContactName.value }} 

So to be clear, selecting a row from projectTable populates contractSetupForm and it's the form values from contractSetupForm that I want to update in Sheets.

I stand corrected, yes, it did work. Thanks! Although the query preview still shows

message:"Unexpected end of JSON input

Now if only I could get this issue resolved, I would be golden... until the next time!