Google Sheets "Internal Server Error"


Trying out an API to Google Sheets integration...
I have a Google Sheet as a datasource that worked last week - this morning, it worked a few times... then after maybe 5 runs when cleaning up some data/troubleshooting other things - I now get the below when previewing:

gsheetRead failed (0.553s):Internal server error
from gsheetRead response(gsheetRead)
in gsheetRead.trigger()(gsheetRead)
environment: "production"
from preview

And when running it standalone, it just says "Running queries... gsheetRead 93.1s" and runs forever without returning anything.

Sheet or columns has not changed.

Any ideas?

Hey Baxter! Is this with our native Google Sheets integration or with a REST API?

And if you click into the resource and test the auth, does it give you a success message?