Google Sheets: delete row not working?

I seem to be having a strange issue with the built in Google Sheets API.

other actions al seem to work fine however I have a function where I need to delete a row from a google sheet table. using the built in function i have entered the filter which generates the correct output when i click preview. HOWEVER, for some reason will not work when run? I'm not really sure why? especially since the preview function is working?


this is the error in the console when running:

Hi @Loni, welcome to the forum! :wave:

I did some testing on my end and I did not run into any issues when deleting a single column.

Here are my settings:

My Google Sheet looks like this:

When the table is populated from the "Resource query", the columns look like:

As we can see, I added a column (in Retool) with a button to delete a row when the button is clicked:

Here are the settings for the "deleteRow" query. I recreated your use case of filtering a row by matching a "site_code" column:

Note: I added a Success event handler to get the rows after deletion for my table to update.

When I clicked the "X" button to delete row 5, I had no issues. My table updated successfully:

I would recommend checking two things:

  1. When setting up the "Filters to match row" make sure the casing matches the column name on your Google Sheet, not the column name on the table.
  2. Perhaps it's deleting but your table may not be refreshing. Check the "Success" event handler in the delete query, and see if there were any changes on the Google Sheet before running the query again.

Let me know if after trying this approach you are still running into the issue. I'm happy to take another look. :slightly_smiling_face: