Google OAuth2 and Authorization Token

Hey All,

I have the Oauth2 Flow working it seems, but i dont know how to get the token passed into subsequent queries.

Im trying to list out a users google contacts. Hre is my authorization flow:

And here is the result, after executing it:

But, in a subsquent query if i try to use the 'magic token' it just states authorization failed:

Any ideas whats going on here? If i do a 'preview' of the query rather than actually running an auth flow - i do see that it returns an Access Token in the response. I just cant seem to access it?

Thanks for your help!

So i changed my auth to a 'Custom Auth' and chose google - and I can certainly see its getting me an access token - but i still cant get it to be used in other queries where i am specifying OAUTH2_TOKEN

I've done more testing - i can confirm that in my GET query, if i manually put in the AccessToken generated returns correctly - i just cannot seem to get the 'magic link' as its called for the Authorization header to flow through into the subsequent queries.

Im stuck at this point, am unsure how to proceed.

Hey @msd5079!

Hmm your initial screenshot looks fine to me. And since you have the Authorization header in your resource setup, you shouldn't need it in your query.

I think this should be possible with the OAuth 2.0 setup (your original setup) though.

I have seen a previous issue where the URL callback wasn't displaying the correct value so you can try toggling the 'Share Credentials' options on and off again to see if it displays the correct value for the share credentials option. (/outh/oauthcallaback).

If that's successful, can we check to see if the token is attached to the request by 'Previewing' the outbound query inside your application? It should look something like this: