Google Maps via Custom Component

Just wanted to see if something has changed that I'm unaware of.

As of yesterday, none of my Custom Components containing Google Maps are loading. No clear errors, just a blank map, pretty sure it's not my code as it's affecting parts of the system not touched in weeks.

Anyone else?

Hi @Ross_Coombes

Any specific errors in the console that might give you a possible reason?

Thanks for asking, no there were no errors.

Turned out to be simply that the height was set to 100% so it just wasn't rendering properly.

No idea why that suddenly became an issue, it's been like it for quite a while but there it is.

Yes, they changed something in the iframe height.

I used to add a custom CSS to handle that.

Now, it isn't needed anymore.

Fair enough.

Do you know if there is anywhere to see what and when these changes are? I assumed it was related to my API key or quotas or something so embarrassingly took 2 hours to actually figure it out.

I don't know if they put such changes (I don't think so) in the release notes.
I've learned about this thanks to your post :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, oh well, at least some marginal value came of it :slight_smile:


:disappointed: I'm sorry to hear about this issue, but thank you for flagging it! I checked internally, and it sounds like it was the result of an intentional change, so I'm seeing what I can do about getting it documented in the changelog