Google Maps Component

Hi I am looking to have Google Maps run in my Retool application instead of using MapBox. Main requirement is the ease of drawing circles around points in Maps is much much simpler.

I am trying to have Google Maps run in an HTML component but this doesn't seem to be working... I believe the main cause is the Shadow Dom that HTML is ran in.

Has anyone had success in getting Google Maps to work in their applications?

Hey @Zack_Barett!

You should be able to use the Google Maps JavaScript API in a custom component. Once you've set up the API in your console you can follow the steps here to get started.

Retool also supports using the Embed API in an iframe component.

I've added a JSON export of the former which you can import and play around with, let me know if that helps!
google_maps_embed (1).json (6.3 KB)

You can try using an iframe to embed Google Maps into your Retool application since it doesn't rely on the Shadow DOM and allows easier circle drawing around location points.