Google Maps autocomplete api

Hi all. Is there a way to use the google maps integration to autocomplete addresses form fields?

Thank you!

Hi @igoraguiar :wave:

While the Google Maps integration doesn't natively support the autocompletion functionality, it does look like the Google Maps API provides a Place Autocomplete endpoint that you could call using a REST API resource within your Retool app.

Do you think that that would suit your use case?

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Hi Like. I guess it would. I'll see how this would work. Thank you for the tip.

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Hi, how to create options from autocomplete result to select component?

Hi @rony, Are you asking how you can input the response from a query to the Google Maps API Place Autocomplete endpoint to the select component? If that's the case then I believe you can enter {{}} as the Data source input for the Select Component.

Let us know if that works for your use case!


any real example for this? on 2022? looking for something like this