Google Images not loading

Im trying to show images stored in google drive that are referenced in the sheet. At the moment ive tried uploading the 'link' I generated for the image and that won't show either,

If I create a new link for the image in google drive and I make it available for everyone. when I paste the link it won't show. Its shows other url images from pic sum.

How do I show images from google drive? I ve read they other post saying use the inspector but that doesnt work.

Hello @Apps_Support!

Unfortunately Google Drive makes it really hard to get access to a usable image URL :sweat_smile:

I just reproduced a GSheet query and retool does not get any data for a cell that contains an image when the google sheet is accessing an image from google drive.

A manual work around would be to inspect the image in google drive, open your browser's inspector to get the img src url from the HTML component.

However, this is not scalable for a google sheet with a large number of images. I can make a feature request for this but it likely won't be implemented or take a very long time as google drive stores images in their cloud provider instead of having a .jpeg or .png that is available to easily share :smiling_face_with_tear: