Google Calendar Iframe

Hello all,

I was hoping to implement a quick and dirty integration of Google Calendar into my existing app, I know you can add the resource properly with authentication but I thought I would just be able to use an iframe.

My first attempt of just getting the URL from the Calendar settings and putting it as an Iframe source URL throws Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'setApiKey'). From what I've read, I gather I need to create an onload event but my initial attempts haven't worked.

Given it seems a common thing to do, I was hoping one of you lovely people may have been down this road before?

I have the same question! Would this be possible in Retool?

Hi there! Apologies for the delay here

Does your use case work as a public calendar? This seems to work if you enable "Storage and cookies" on the iframe :crossed_fingers: hope that helps!

Gosh darn it.. it does!

Thanks Tess

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