Giver user a prompt, then run a query

I'm new to Retool, so be kind! I've got a datepicker on a screen, and I would like to prompt them with an FYI if the date they select is not a Wednesday, AND THEN, I want to run a query. So my question is, how do you stackup two commands?


Since you said


I'm assuming it doesn't matters if it's Wednesday or not the query will run. It just the prompt will notify user when it's NOT Wednesday.

You can do the following:

I have two change event handlers one to show the notification and the other trigger the query.

Also, because of AND THEN, I think you meant in order prompt first then query. However, the prompt will trigger so fast there is no need to add complexity to make sure which trigger first. With event handlers in that order will provide the same desired outcome.
stack commands

I hope that helps.


Thank you so much!!